Saturday, January 7

Parting is but such sweet sorrow

She missed him already. 

It had only been a few hours since their lips last touched but given it would be days before they would again she was already longing for him. It felt like she was about to enter the longest week of her life. 

'It's only five days' he said. But her brain could not compute that. Today was Friday and she would not see him again until Thursday. It felt so much longer than that. It made her heart break a little. She knew it shouldn't. But it did. It was a recurring theme really. There was much she shouldn't feel in regards to him. But she did. She couldn't help it. 

There was jut something about him that had gotten under her skin, into her being. It could not be shaken off. She knew it was wrong, but still.... it was there. She didn't want to admit it, but it was getting stronger by the day.

She closed her eyes trying to recall what it was like as he pressed his lips against her. Their bodies drawing closer to each other. It had such a bitter sweetness to it.

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